Paul Trevelline, Founder of Hot Dog Shoppe
Our Food Quality

Our Manifesto

Hot Dog Shoppe was born of the fundamental belief that real food tastes great and it doesn’t have to be expensive. We believe that the freshest and simplest ingredients taste best and are best for you. We source as local as we can, as fresh as we can, and make your food to order. That there is a direct connection between how freshly prepared your food is and how it tastes. Our hot dog chili is made fresh, your French fries were real potatoes just that morning and your hot dog bun was probably baked the night before. We make real food for real people with real taste. Simple is best when it comes to food and we keep it as real and simple as we can.
Where it all

Began in 1946

Paul Trevelline came home to Warren, OH after WWII and decided to open a knickknack shop. He soon discovered that knickknacks didn’t sell so well. To save his business, Paul tried selling hot dogs and it was a hit. The Hot Dog Shoppe was born! Paul started with just hot dogs and then discovered that his hot dog chili was a huge hit as well. And because he only wanted the highest quality for his customers, he started bringing in fresh potatoes and cutting them daily into French fries. Paul’s great idea to sell a hot dog became our dream to bring a great chili hot dog at a great price to as many people as possible.
The Original Hot Dog Shoppe Location
Our Commitment

To your Safety and Cleanliness.

We at the Hot Dog Shoppe remains committed to the health and safety of our guests and team members. We closely follow and monitor federal, state, and local guidelines for our guests at our drive- thru’s, dining rooms and for carry-out dining.

We always look forward to welcoming our guests and will make whatever changes we need to for you to invite you back in. If our restaurants look a little different when you visit, it’s only because we are doing what is required for the care of our team members, our guests and the communities we serve.
We plan to add expanded online ordering for our restaurants as a convenient ordering option for our guests. You can begin to look for this option during the late Fall and Early Winter of 2021. We have not yet adapted our operations for Third-party delivery options like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub but intend to in the future. It will be a little bit but you can continue to check your favorite delivery provider to see if Hot Dog Shoppe is available in your area.

We have always worked to keep our restaurants clean and sanitary and we hope that you have noticed the additional cleaning we have recently been working on. In addition to our regular cleaning and sanitation standards, we have added routine cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as doors, bathrooms, and our ordering area. As needed, of course we complete additional deep cleaning in our restaurants when circumstances warrant.
In light of recent guidance from the CDC, Hot Dog Shoppe does not require fully vaccinated guests and corporate team members to wear face coverings while inside our locations, if permitted by state and local mask mandates. Those who are not fully vaccinated are still expected to wear face coverings. We continue to follow FDA, CDC, and local health department guidance for the health and safety of our team members and guests, including:
We have always been wearing gloves in accordance with FDA food handling guidelines and continue our practice of frequent handwashing.

Hot Dog Shoppe will continue to provide a clean and safe environment that delivers delicious, high quality and tasty hot dogs and food. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to serving you.

Greg Vojnovic
CEO and President, Hot Dog Shoppe, Inc.

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